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In addition to raising awareness, one of The Chosen One’s, Inc. goals is prevention. We hope by sharing real life stories, and providing participants with the knowledge acquired by individuals who have personally been affected by child exploitation, we can prevent a child from becoming a victim. We also aim to help parents cope with the stress related to their child being sexually exploited.

Mom2Mom (M2M)

This support group is for mothers whose daughters age 12-17 are victims of child sexual exploitation, or exhibit behavior putting them at risk of being exploited. This support group helps mothers cope with the wide array of emotions expressed after learning her child has been exploited or is at-risk.

Talk-n-Teen (TNT)

This support group is for girls 12 – 17 who are victims of sexual exploitation, or are at risk of being exploited. Young ladies are able to tackle the many issues which lead up to being victimized in a caring and judge-free environment.

Connect 4 (C4)

A 4 week program for mothers and daughters to help strengthen their bond through engagement in team-building activities.


A 4-6 workshop for mothers and daughters to educate participants on the various issues that would put a young girl at risk of being sexually exploited, as well as ways to avoid becoming a victim.


A 1-2 hour seminar for community organizations to educate them on the various issues surrounding child sexual exploitation, ways they can help youth victims, and what to do if they suspect a child is being exploited.


We also:

Assist in locating missing and run-away teen girls

Help locate a safe place for missing and run-away youth

Provide gently used clothes, shoes, accessories, hair products, toiletries and more

Assist any locating other resources

Assist with homework, completing job applications, resumes, etc.

Allow individuals to earn community services hours required by school, court, etc.